Exams, Tests, Revision Pocketbook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781906610913
Author Gershon, Mike
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Publication Date: April 2016

Teaching exam classes carries a weight of responsibility for all teachers. They know that offering their students the best possible education is not about the narrow diet of "teaching to the test"; they also know that good test scores and excellent exam results are fundamental. So how do teachers equip their pupils for exam success while at the same time ensuring high standards of teaching and learning? The Exams, Tests, Revision Pocketbook looks at how to do just that. Rooted firmly in experience and research, this is a practical "how to" Pocketbook aimed at classroom teachers. It provides strategies, activities and techniques for successfully teaching examination classes. Whether those are related to: using time efficiently; cognitive psychology and motivation theory; unpicking great exam technique or exploring the best use of past papers, mark schemes and examiners? reports, they are always accessible and can be readily imported for immediate classroom application. The Pocketbook is highly illustrated. Cartoons, diagrams and visual prompts support the text and cement the ideas. Secondary teacher, education author, teacher trainer and consultant, Mike Gershon is well-known to teachers for his contributions to TES, both as a writer and resource contributor. His online teaching tools have been viewed/downloaded more that 2 million times by teachers in over 180 countries. He is widely regarded as an expert in modern pedagogy