Managing Workload Pocketbook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781906610876
Edition 2
Author Thomas, Will
Publisher Management Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession but it comes with a significant workload: a recent survey found that work-related stress among teachers is double the national average for most other professions.

Will Thomas demonstrates how changing your mental approach to workload and implementing a few key elements to manage stress can minimise the impact of psychological distress on your health and well-being. From effective planning, thinking and delegation to goals, sleep and resilience, the book is a mine of information. It contains a workload management self-evaluation tool with strategies, steps and solutions for making changes where changes are needed.

When you're juggling several balls, remember: work is rubber; health and family are crystal. This Pocketbook helps make sure you never drop the wrong one!