Independent Learning Pocketbook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781906610821
Author Anstee, Peter
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Publication Date: July 2015

We live in a time of rapid social and technological change. Those who survive and thrive learn to acclimatise. They embrace new challenges and turn change into opportunity; they are self-regulated, self motivated and resourceful. Possessing clear goals and direction, they understand the value of working with others without being dependent on them. Young people who learn independence at school learn independence for life. TheIndependent Learning Pocketbook draws a distinction between independent workers and independent learners. It's the latter that teachers seek to develop. Doing so often requires breaking a deeply-rooted spoon-feeding cycle. The author reminds us of Plutarch's words:'The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.'

His Pocketbook is about kindling the fire. A section entitled 'First Steps' presents some tried and tested ways to get started with independent learning. The roles of motivation and hard work are explored, with helpful case studies and supporting research evidence. A look at how to inspire and encourage ambition is followed by a focused and practical section on meta-learning and meta-cognitive strategies that can easily be implemented in class. There are similarly practical approaches to building initiative and tenacity and encouraging collaboration. A chapter on self-regulation and embedding independence brings the book to a neat close. Cartoons, diagrams and visual prompts support the text throughout.

Author Peter Anstee is an experienced secondary school teacher with considerable expertise in leading the development of teaching and learning. His Differentiation Pocketbook is one of the most popular titles in the Teachers' Pocketbooks Series.