Literacy Across The Curriculum Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781906610487
Author Bentley-Davies, Caroline
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Literacy Across the Curriculum(LAC) is high on the agenda in schools today.

This cartoon-illustrated and highly practical Pocketbook is aimed at teachers across all disciplines. It is based on a few key principles:

- literacy is important for all learning; we owe it to our pupils to help them develop their literacy;

- developing strategies for LAC enhances teaching and learning across the school;

- teachers do not have to be literacy experts to promote LAC.

Author Caroline Bentley-Davies engages her audience through a series of punchy chapters including: Speaking for Success; Write Better!; Vamp Up Your Vocab; Splendid Spelling Strategies and Raring to Read. As well as providing essential knowledge and theory, they contain case studies, examples and practical ideas for lessons. Towards the end of the book a literacy checklist allows schools and individuals to audit their literacy provision. Suggestions for a cross-curricular working party and literacy beyond the classroom are included.

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