Behaviour Management Pocketbook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781906610432
Edition 2
Author Hook, Peter, & Vass, Andy
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

How to manage their classes is not only every new teachers' first concern, it's an area about which even the most experienced teachers are never complacent. This new edition of the Teachers' Pocketbooks' top-selling title is a practical, authoritative guide to creating calm classes and focused, co-operative students. 

The book starts from the premise that teachers cannot  control the behaviour of children; instead they must seek to influence it. Teachers are most effective in managing behaviour when they focus on antecedents and consequences. This means  building relationships and using preventative strategies followed by consistent use of logical consequences. The book covers different styles of behaviour management; getting the basics right; eight core principles and a ten-step discipline plan. A section entitled 'developing the toolkit' offers a broad range of strategies for teachers to use. All are explained in practical, classroom terms with examples of phrases to  use for maximum effectiveness. Under pinning the repertoire of techniques is a strong framework: the 4Rs - rights, responsibilities, rules and routines. Liberal use of cartoons, diagrams, mnemonics and other visual devices reinforce the message and fast-track understanding.

Authors Peter Hook and Andy Vass are nationally renowned experts in the field of behaviour management. They have acted as consultants to the government as well as to numerous schools and LAs. They are regarded as inspirational trainers, and with more than 60 years - combined teaching experience, their ideas are firmly grounded in classroom experience.

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