Outstanding Lessons Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781906610357
Author Bentley-Davies, Caroline
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

In England "outstanding" is the term Ofsted uses to describe the very best lessons. Teaching outstanding lessons is an aspiration all teachers share, not least because of the buzz they get from knowing that they have made a significant impact on their students. In highly successful lessons students are better motivated, engaged and interested. They make excellent progress and their attainment levels improve. 

This cartoon-illustrated Pocketbook, written in clear, concise language for maximum impact, is about how to teach  "stunning lessons that will make an impression on your pupils and knock the socks off your observers". It begins by scotching some of the myths about what inspectors expect to see in a top-notch lesson, focusing instead on the reality. Areas covered encompass: developing good relationships with pupils and seeking student feedback; planning great lessons, including objectives, starters, activities and review; six steps to pupil independence; the use of praise and aspects of AfL to harness "the X factor"; effective use of resources; expanding your repertoire of teaching techniques; communication skills; how to motivate students; using plenaries, group work, thinking skills and behaviour management techniques. The final chapter includes a helpful self-audit and offers advice on where to seek inspiration and on what reviewers are looking for in lesson observations. 

Author Caroline Bentley-Davies has run demonstration lessons in over 80 schools and conducts training sessions for teachers across a range of subject areas.

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