Creative Teaching Pockebook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781906610166
Edition 2
Author Watson-Davis, Roy
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

A pocketful of imagination, inspiration and innovation to help you become an even more creative teacher.

All teachers look to deliver inspiring, innovative and imaginative lessons. What better way to engage students and help them learn more effectively? Roy Watson-Davis draws on a deep well of creativity and on his experience as a mentor to share numerous suggestions for original, inventive approaches to lessons. Use his ideas as starting points for your own brain waves, or import and adapt them for your own classroom. As well as creative starters, 'kernels' and closers, section of the book are devoted to questioning technique, active learning, technology, revision and teamwork. Roy aims to stimulate and support creative practice by challengine you to move out of your comfort zones: try pegging maths equations across your room washing-line-style, or adopting 'the fruit bowl approach', or how about delivering a lesson in costume? Take the plunge, recharge your batteries and watch your students' enthusiasm increase.

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