Restorative Justice Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781906610104
Author Thorsborne, M. & D. Vinegrrad
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
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How to resolve disciplinary matters by enabling those involved to repair the harm done to people and relationships.

Schools that have adopted the ancient principles of restorative justice in their approach to behaviour management report better relationships with young people, greater engagement in learning and a greater development of social and emotional competence among learners. No surprise, then, that interest in restorative practices is growing.

It?s all about relationships. Wrong doing is viewed through a 'relational lens'. All those responsible for and affected by the behaviour are involved in solving the problem. Working in conference with a teacher/facilitator, participants come to understand the harm done to people and relationships. Accepting that such harm creates obligations and liabilities, they then focus on repairing the damage and putting things right.

Expert practitioners Margaret and David provide a thorough grounding in restorative practice, with worked examples and easy-to-follow teacher scripts to get you started. If RJ is new to you, you'll be a convert in no time!

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