Anger And Conflict Management Pocketbook

Item Information
ISBN: 9781903776957
Edition 2
Author Blum, Paul
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to help your students reach their potential.

Explosive, uncontrolled anger is both frightening and damaging. Whether it's verbal abuse, physical intimidation, violence, aggression, or a combination of these, trying to manage very angry pupils is tough. It's energy-sapping and can leave us feeling frustrated, powerless and, sometimes, inept and weak. This Pocketbook is hightly practical in demonstrating how to cope when tempers fly in the classroom, the corridor, the plaground or, indeed, the staffroom. Find out about the anger cycle; how to recognize early warning signs and intervene to prevent an eruption; how to handle angry explosions/conflict situations; how to repair relationships following an outburst; how to teach children to manage difficult emotions and how to maintain your sanity. Paul Blum pulls no punches, taking us into fighting, steaming and 'happy slap' territory. However, you're in the hands of an expert who really does give you a survival toolkit.

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