Emotional Literacy Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781903776803
Author James Park, Marilyn Tew
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

A pocketful of practical strategies for helping pupils use emotional understanding to learn and grow.

By helping students to recognize, understand and handle emotions - their own and others' - we can build their self-esteem, improve their confidence and pave the way for them to becom educationally and socially successful. The authors use case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of helping children to feel "Capable, Listened to, Accepted, Safe, Included - CLASI. There are chapters on building relationships that support learning, on nurturing 'open' conversations, on working effectively in groups and on classroom organization. Sections on using stories to build emotional literacy and on emotional literacy in the staffroom emphasize the need to keep the bridge open between the thinking and feeling parts of the brain. A reliable and authoritative Pocketbooks that, as one literacy coordinator told us, guides newcomers while stimulating and reinvigorating those alredy familiar with the field.

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