Handwriting Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781903776766
Author Bennett, Julie
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Whether you're teaching novice writers, older children or adults, you'll benefit from Julie Bennett's enthusiasm and expertise. She presents handwriting as both an art and a science. Either way, it can be mastered. Julie covers all bases: teaching, improving and trouble shooting handwriting. Starting with the basics - seating, posture, paper and writing implements - she then fixes the goal posts with a handwriting checklist. This is the reference point for remedying a range of common problems (eg uneven spacing between words and letters or inconsistent slope and slant) using Julie'smulti-sensory 'Key Notes' method. A chapter on teaching beginner writers moves through the stages of writing from pre-literate to fluency, and a section on solving handwriting problems (eg for left-handers or those with dysgraphia or arthritis) is followed by a treasure trove of resources: schemes, aids,software, websites and books.

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