Pupil Mentoring Pocketbook

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ISBN: 9781903776742
Author Garvey, B. & Kim Langridge
Publisher Teachers' Pocketbooks
Cover BC

Increasingly, schools are tapping into the benefits of mentoring pupils, whether it's to improve behaviour, attainment or attendance; to tackle bullying or enhance self-esteem; to support study initiatives; to unlock hidden talent or to assist in the transfer from primary to secondary school. Previously known as Mentoring in Schools Pocketbook, the Pupil Mentoring Pocketbook explains how to set up, manage and evaluate a pupil mentoring scheme. Bob Garvey and Kim Langridge use a helpful 3-stage model to explain the mentoring process. They also cover training, recruiting and supporting mentors; codes of practice and good practice guidelines. Separate chapters are given to peer mentors, learning mentors, volunteer mentors and e-mentoring. This is a clear and authoritative guide to mentoring pupils - one you really shouldn't be without!

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