Music Express (Age 10-11)

Item Information
ISBN: 9781472900227
Author Macgregor, Helen
Publisher Collins
Cover BC

Music Express is a multi-level, complete music scheme for elementary schools.

Each resource pack includes 12 cross-curricular thematic units comprising 36 lessons with over 100 teaching activities and photocopiable lyric sheets.

The series has been designed for classroom teachers, whether generalist or specialist music teachers, and is:

 ·      topic-based

·      cross-curricular

·      musically diverse

·      fully resourced

·      accessible to non-music readers 

Each pack contains a book, DVD-ROM, and 3 CDs that encompass the following:

* Activities            * Audio     * Movies          * Lesson plans       * Whiteboard displays       * Print outs

Topics for the Age 10-11 pack include:

·      World Unite

·      Journeys

·      Growth

·      Roots

·      Class Awards

·      Moving On


Music Express presents an invaluable resource of great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history.

Fully supported by CDs and audio-embedded whiteboard displays, the books take teachers and children alike on an enriching and thoroughly engaging journey of musical discovery and creativity.