Religion And The State In Early Modern Europe

Item Information
ISBN: 9781471837579
Author Bunce, R., Ward, S. & C. Knaac
Publisher Hodder Education
Cover BC

Develop high-level skills in History through expert narrative and extended reading, including bespoke essays from current academics in the historical interpretations section.

History+ for  A Level: Religion and the state in early modern Europe facilitates students' progress and supports the thematic connections advanced secondary history.

- Develops a strong understanding of 16th Century England, the German Reformation and the Dutch Revolt through expert, well-researched, accessible narrative

- Ensures targeted development of essay, interpretation and source analysis skills through progressive guidance on answering exam-style questions

- Helps monitor and ensure progress with regular suggestions for note-making activities and peer support

- Provides the opportunity to analyse and evaluate works of real history, with bespoke commissioned historians' essays on 'Was there a general crisis of government in the last years of Elizabeth I's reign, 1589-1603?'

This title has complete coverage of the following units: 

- England, 1509-1603: authority, nation and religion

- Luther and the German Reformation, c1515-55

- The Dutch Revolt, c1563-1609

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