Lord Of The Flies

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ISBN: 9781444110302
Author Francis, R. & M. Walker
Publisher Philip Allan
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The Lord of the Flies, Philip Allan Literature Guide Teacher Resource Pack provides teachers with all the support they need to teach Lord of the Flies . This classroom-based resource is for use throughout the course to help consolidate students' knowledge, learning and appreciation of the text and will leave students better prepared for their exams.

Covering all aspects of the novel, a whole range of higher- and lower-tier interactive activities, plus extension tasks for homework, can be used before, during and after students have read the text. Once students are familiar with the text, further exam revision activities, tailored to each exam specification, will ensure your students can reach the highest grades. A separate section of activities and advice for students who are studying the novel for the controlled assessment is also included.
This fully photocopiable pack will:

- save hours of preparation time

- provide an invaluable source of thoroughly researched material

- create opportunities for a more student-centred learning approach

- provide a solution to specialist staff absence

The pack comes with free access to a website where teachers can share teaching ideas and download extra materials, plus a free CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains Word documents of the whole pack that allow teachers to adapt the content to their students' needs, as well as PDFs to enable printing out as an alternative to photocopying.
Other pack titles available in the series are:

- To Kill a Mockingbird

- A View from the Bridge

- Of Mice and Men

- Romeo and Juliet (Aug 2010)

- Pride and Prejudice

- Moon on the Tides (June 2010)

Each of the packs in the series has been produced in conjunction with a Philip Allan Literature Guide (for GCSE), written for students as a course companion and revision tool. The ISBN for the Philip Allan Literature Guide (for GCSE): Lord of the Flies is 978-1-4441-1021-0.

  • Photocopiable resources to save the busy literature teacher hours of preparation time
  • Provides an invaluable source of thoroughly researched material
  • Creates opportunities for a more student-centred learning approach
  • Improves and enhances student knowledge and appreciation of set texts
  • Provides a solution to specialist staff absence

Table of Contents: Background
1: Context
2: Your own experience
3: The Coral island and Lord of the Flies
4: Notes on context
Chapters 1-12
Whole-Text Activities 1-17
Exam Practice 1-2
Exam Practice 3
Exam Practice 4-12
Homework 1-21
Teacher notes and answers