Philosophy Of Religion Teacher Resource Pack

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ISBN: 9780340947555
Author Tyler, Sarah & G. Reid
Publisher Hodder Education
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Philosophy of Religion is a photocopiable resource pack for teachers of of advanced religious studies with materials for use in the presentation of the philosophy of religion elements of the religious studies specifications.

The pack comprises a set of flexible lesson plans, divided into distinct topic areas. The lesson plans for each topic have the following features: Teacher's Notes,which offer offering guidance and advice on the presentation of the material, best examination practice, and the structure that the class may take. Information Sheets, which provide students with material on each topic. Worksheets which contain activities and questions for students, to be used as the basis of classroom discussion or as homework tasks.

The lesson plans are the result of extensive teaching experience, and the learning outcomes for each of the lessons are made explicit. However, the order in which the lessons are taught is by nomeans prescriptive and should be tailored according to the specification you are following.

  • Reduce preparation time for new topics
  • Help teachers to deliver stimulating and effective lessons
  • Help teach students new to a particular topic, or reinforce and clarify knowledge and understanding
  • Provide a solution to specialist staff absence

Table of Contents:

The nature of God, faith and proof
Topic 1 - Influences and philosophical principles
Topic 2 - The concept of God: definitions, attributes and problems
Topic 3 - The nature of proof, faith and reason

Theistic and atheistic arguments
Topic 4 - The cosmological and design (teleological) arguments
Topic 5 - The ontological argument
Topic 6 - The argument from religious experience and the moral argument
Topic 7 - Atheistic arguments

The philosophy of religion
Topic 8 - The problem of evil
Topic 9 - Miracles
Topic 10 - Life after death
Topic 11 - Religious language